Personnel / Recruiting DIVISION

Specializing in Engineering and Skilled Trades Personnel

Placement Options

  1. Contact-to-Hire is for companies that:
    • Want to evaluate or test drive a candidate before making a permanent commitment
    • Have a peak in business but not 100% sure the need is permanent
    • Need an Industry Expert to help them locate a candidate with a specific skill set
  2. Short/Long Term Contracts are for companies that:
    • Have a special project where they need an extra set of hands or a seasoned pro in order to reach deadlines
    • Landed new business or purchased new technology and need current employees to be trained by an expert
    • Are facing the unexpected loss of a key player and need to react quick
  3. Direct Placements are for companies that:
    • Know they have a permanent need but are coming up empty in their search
    • May have located a possible candidate but would like to see some additional candidates for comparison
    • Are sick of wasting thousands of dollars running job ads and spending countless hours fumbling through a stack of 20 unqualified candidates